2013 Halloween Food and Fun in Gatlinburg

Annual Halloween Carnival and Recipes

Bring your kids’ Halloween costumes to party in Gatlinburg!  And bring your own for that matter as Gatlinburg continues to celebrate the holiday with all day fun and Trick or Treat throughout downtown.

When you plan to spend Halloween at Carr’s, you’ll find yourself just a couple of blocks from all the activities that take place right downtown.  For the 6th straight year, the city is sponsoring the Annual Gatlinburg Halloween Carnival that will take place at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies and includes costume contests, games, and live entertainment.  Kids and adults alike will be decked out in their Halloween best costumes to enjoy a full afternoon of fun from Noon-5 p.m.  Afterwards, beginning around 6 p.m., downtown businesses will be welcoming all of you to fill your bags with sweets and treats until they run out.  The amount of loot that gets doled out is almost scary!

Before or after Trick-or-Treat, here are some Halloween recipes we thought you might enjoy.  They are quick and easily prepared right in your motel room or cabin.

Halloween Green Slime Punch

Slurp Some Slime!

Green Slime Punch
Recipe adapted from Parenting.com and MomsWhoThink.com.  ‘Those’ mom’s are super creative and offer recipes and tidbits for all holidays.

½ Gallon Lime Sherbet
2 Quarts Ginger Ale
½ Cup Corn Syrup
Green Food Coloring
Optional:  Gummy Worms

1.  Ahead of time, pour corn syrup into a small dish (wide enough for the rim of the glass).  Add food coloring until you get a green color you like.  Dip rim of glasses in corn syrup and turn right side up so that it ‘slimes’ down the sides.  Set aside.

2. Just prior to serving, add a scoop of sherbet to each glass and slowly pour in Ginger Ale.

3.  Garnish with gummy worms.  These will stick to the corn syrup.


Sweet Salty Snack Recipe for Halloween

Do You Feed YOUR Kids Trash?

This yummy snack recipe from SouthernLiving.com is a sweet and salty combination that the kid’s will love to eat and make.  The recipe will provide (16) 1-cup servings, so adjust as you see fit for the amount you’ll need.

1-16 oz.  Bag Candy Corn
1-15 oz.  Bag Pretzel Nuggest
1-12 oz.  Box Crunch ‘n Munch
1-15 oz.  Bag Banana Chips
1-15 oz.  Bag M&M’s
1-15 oz.  Bag Dried Mangos
1-15 oz.  Bag Dried Pineapple
1-10 oz.  Package Toffee Pretzels
1-6 oz.  Bag Craisins or Dried Cranberries
1-6 oz.  Package Gummy Worms
16 Small Brown Paper Bags

1.  In a really big bowl or soup pot, lightly mix all ingredients.

2.  Roll and scrunch top of brown bag.  Place 1 cup of trash in the bag.

For a crafty activity, let your kids decorate the brown bags prior to filling and then use your own imagination for different ingredients!  Anything from Chex or Coco-Puffs, different dried fruits, and a variety of nuts would taste great.

In addition to the Halloween Carnival and downtown Trick or Treat, Ripley’s Fright Nights (not suitable for young children) is going on at Ripley’s Haunted Adventure and Shocktober takes place at the Gatlinburg Space Needle.  New this year includes Extreme Face Painting at the Space Needle with advance ticket purchase.

We hope you’ll stop by our office before heading downtown so we can see your spooky Halloween costumesand that you have a safe and fun holiday!

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