Brairwood Ranch Safari

Auto Tour a Safari near The Smokies

So you find yourself in East Tennessee staying at Carr’s Northside Cottages in Gatlinburg, but suddenly you want to visit six continents all at once. What are you to do? Does any Gatlinburg attraction offer such a wide-flung possibility? Certainly one of the Ripley’s attractions might fit the bill, but what if you want to see something real, something live? A spot over in Bybee, TN is just the place you want to go.

Briarwood Ranch Safari Park Auto Tour

See King Julian!

At Briarwood Ranch Safari, you can see animals from six continents (Antarctica being the notable exception, as recreating a snowy desert wasteland in the lush hills of Tennessee would be a bit of a stretch). On the four-mile safari tour, you can drive your own vehicle or you can opt for the open-air wagon for an even more up-close-and-personal experience. As you make your way around, with feed bucket in hand of course, you’ll be visited by animals from all over the world, like the axis deer and fallow deer. If you’re interested in beasts that hail from Africa, turn your attention to the camel or the zebra. And the denizens aren’t limited to the foot-footed kind, either. Both emu and ostrich roam the park.

You really haven’t lived until a bison has stuck his massive muzzle in and stretched out a long purple tongue to get some delicious feed. The kids will love seeing the elk with its majestic antlers sidle right up to the wagon. Everywhere you drive in the park, you’ll see exotic animals dotting the scenic landscape. Drive through as many times as you like; you’re sure to spot something different each time. Just be sure to be out before the park closes!

To get to Briarwood Ranch Safari from Carr’s Northside Cottages, you’ll want to take the scenic drive along the edge of the National Park through Cosby. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend some time in the quieter parts of the Smokies. The drive will take about an hour, so take your time and enjoy the scenery. Making a day out of it will create vacation memories that you won’t soon forget.

Briarwood Ranch Safari Park
Web Site | Purchase Tickets
255 Briar Thicket Road, Bybee TN 37713
Sunday:  12-5 pm
Monday – Saturday:  10 am – 5 pm
*Last tour begins one hour before close

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