Planning a Roadtrip #4 – Road Worthy Travel

Planning a road trip to Gatlinburg should include a check up for your family vehicle

Worry-Free Road Trip

Plan Ahead for Care-Free Motoring

Is the family vehicle ready for your road trip?  Probably, if it has been properly maintained and isn’t currently giving you signs of trouble. However, there are some preparations you should go through before setting out. Nothing short of a natural disaster can ruin a Gatlinburg vacation like car problems along the way.

If this isn’t a spontaneous roadtrip to the Smokies, plan ahead a couple of weeks and get the car, truck or SUV ready for trouble-free travel.  You’ll enjoy your travel time so much more just having the peace of mind that you’ll arrive at Carr’s Cottages safe and sound!

Consider new filters all the way around—oil, fuel and air. An oil change is a must, but do it a few days before you leave and check the level every time you stop for gas just to be sure.  Check and top off all other fluids: coolant, power steering, brakes, and don’t forget the windshield washer fluid. After all, a clean windshield makes for stress-free driving. If the vehicle has more than 75,000 miles, you may consider a transmission flush and refill.

Tires should be properly inflated to the pressure recommended by your owner’s manual, not the max noted on the tires. Tires with tread depth of less than 1/8 inch should be replaced.  Deep treads disperse water and help prevent hydroplaning.  Proper wheel alignment is also important.

Finally, if it’s been a while, you may want to get a complete tune up.  They can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a couple hundred, but the return may be increased fuel mileage.

If your trip is spur-of-the-moment, the very least you should do is get an oil change and ask your mechanic to give you a complete ‘road worthy’ check up.  You’ll be glad you did and we’ll be happy to welcome you as you arrive!

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