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Moonshining in Gatlinburg

Downtown Gatlinburg

Smoky Mountain Moonshine Distillery
Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler
903 Parkway, Gatlinburg TN
(865) 436.6995

Ever wonder if the stories told about moonshine-making in the backwoods of the Smoky Mountains, strangers suspected of being government “revenuers” going up into the mountains—but never seen again—and hot rod cars running a fresh batch of Tennessee “corn liquor” at midnight were true?

Well, they are.  And the Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Distillery is living proof!  At the distillery, you will be able to see the East Tennessee raised corn that has been transported to the family mill ground and the grains converted into the clear corn liquor this part of the country is famous for:  Good ole Tennessee moonshine!

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine is run by local families.  Their Scottish-Irish ancestors brought their knowledge of whiskey making, a.k.a. moonshining, with them.  They soon discovered that the conditions in the area were good for growing corn, and it didn’t take long for them to realize a lot more money could be made off of a gallon of corn liquor than a bushel of eatin’ corn.

Many families here share a history of making, running, or selling whiskey for over two hundred years.  Recipes and traditions have been passed down through these generations who have been growing corn and making whiskey even before Tennessee was a state.

Ole Smoky is the first federally licensed distillery in East Tennessee.  Stop in and take home a sample of Tennessee history for all your friends and family back home.  Try Original Moonshine for sippin, White Lightnin’ for mixin, Moonshine Cherries, and seasonal favorites including Apple Pie, Blueberry and Peach.  Be sure to print a copy of Moonshine Recipes to go along with your souvenirs!!

Hours: Every day from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.
Hours may vary based on the season, so please call ahead.  No alcohol sold on Sundays

Carr’s Cottages and Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine ask that you Shine Responsibly®!

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