Sweets and Treats in Downtown Gatlinburg

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Gatlinburg covers a lot of ground and you’ll get around most of it on foot. That’s a lot of walking including some of it uphill. You’ll be burning a lot of calories, right? You’re practically exercising on your vacation, so you will have earned yourself a treat or two (or three, or a few, and then some to take home to enjoy later). There’s no better place than Gatlinburg to satisfy a demanding sweet tooth. Three locations in particular will offer you everything you need in the sweets department.

Gatlinburg Fudge Shop, Icecream, Candy

Ice Cream, Apples, Fudge Oh My!

If you can’t quite decide whether you’re in the mood for ice cream or candy, Kilwin’s Chocolates and Ice Cream is your destination. Maybe it’s the middle of a summer afternoon and what you really need is a nice, cold scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone. Or maybe you need a fruit snack…just get an apple covered in caramel and you’re good to go. As long as you’re eating fruit, toss a couple of chocolate covered strawberries in too. You’re practically eating health food.

After eating all that fruit, you’ll certainly have the energy to take in a couple of attractions or do some downtown shopping. Before you set out on your trek, be sure to stop at one of the two Aunt Mahalia’s Candies locations for some fudge to take along. Aunt Mahalia’s has been in the business of making delicious fudge for over 50 years; the know what they’re doing. You may want to go ahead and grab some syrup or honey while you’re at Aunt Mahalia’s so back at your Carr’s cottage or cabin you can whip up a yummy pancake breakfast.

Homemade Fudge, Saltwater Taffy Downtown Gatlinburg


Since the early 1950s, visitors to Gatlinburg have been able to take a break from strolling around the parkway by watching the candy being made at the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen. They have fudge too, but it’s the taffy that they’re known for. Stand mesmerized by the saltwater taffy puller and the wrapping machine as they spin and whir, then go inside and pick out a box of taffy to take home. Get some for your friends. Might as well get a box to eat later today as you make your way back to the motel.

The kids will want some of your candy of course, but they’ll need to get their own won’t they?

You’ve earned this!

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