Wilderness Wildlife Week for Kids in the Smokies

Wilderness Wildlife Week Programs Just for Kids

Kids Explore the Smokies in a New Way

Let Your Kids Explore the Smokies

From January 12-19, 2013, Pigeon Forge will be holding its 23rd Annual Wilderness Wildlife Week; an annual salute to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  There will be 150 experts on hand to discuss 250 programs on wildlife, photography, mountain history and more, but did you realize many of the programs are geared to children?  Best of all, they are all free!  What a great opportunity to introduce your youngsters to the great outdoors, the wonders of nature, and the many different experiences that includes while enjoying a family vacation getaway at Carr’s Cottages!

Does your child have an interest in animals?  Wilderness Wildlife Week will be offering informal talks and videos geared to children about many of the National Park’s local inhabitants and the Knoxville Zoomobile will be present for some hands-on and interactive discussion regarding the world of animals.  And your kids won’t want to miss out on the Owl Prowl! There is even a hiking class that encourages children from a young age to enjoy the great outdoors!

Maybe your child is interested in learning how to photograph wild animals and nature.  Jim Eastin will be leading a class designed just for them.  Or, if your child is interested in history combined with crafts, they will enjoy learning about the old-fashioned quill and pen that was used 100 years ago as well as learning how to make homemade ink.

Music is such a huge part of the mountain culture in East Tennessee and it has not been left off the list.  Your child can take advantage of several scheduled musical events like a concert by the Lost Mill String Band, a children’s sing-a-long, or participate in a “Let’s Make Music” workshop.

In case you think nature and music are the only topics of Wildlife Wilderness Week, let your child experience one of the many interactive classes such as *“The Life of a Soldier during the Civil War.”  They actually enlist for either the Union or Confederacy, are taught about the hard life of a soldier in those times, and experience camp life.  Or, sign them up to make a *Garbage Pizza?  Students follow the life of trash as it is thrown away and then create their own garbage pizza! And, if your child loves funny stories or is an aspiring artist, they will want to join the *Red-Headed Boggertown Bunch – Tall Tale of the Mountains.  After being entertained with this bewildering mountain lore story, they are encouraged to illustrate their own conclusions to this tall tale!

Check out the complete schedule for Wilderness Wildlife Week for Kids in Pigeon Forge so you and your children don’t miss out on fun and exciting experiences!

*These classes require advance registration and class size is limited.

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